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Renewal Information

The tag office cannot guarantee a prebill will be received in the mail.

Motor Vehicle tag renewals are due on the owner’s birthday. If you were a resident of Brooks County last year and renewed your tag in Brooks County last year, then you should receive a bill 60 days prior to your birthday in the mail. If you did not, bring your registration with tag number to the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Your insurance information must be electronically transmitted by your insurance company and electronically matched to the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety’s record for your vehicle.

Effective January 1, 2004, Georgia County Tag Offices and Georgia Law Enforcement officers must verify insurance in the computer and cannot use an individual’s insurance card for valid proof of insurance for any motor vehicle with the exception of any vehicle covered by Fleet Insurance Policy or a Self Insurance Policy.

The penalty for late registration is 10% of the tax and 25% of the tag fee. These penalties begin immediately following the due date (midnight of your birthday).

Detailed information regarding vehicle registration and titles, and samples of what is available for special tags may be found at the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

Transfer From Another County

Current registration cards along with the owner's valid Georgia Driver's License. Georgia drivers License must reflect your current Brooks County address!

Please visit to request a change of address on your Georgia drivers License.

New Purchases

Calculate your Motor Vehicle Title Ad Valorem Tax

From a dealer:
All vehicles must be registered within 30 days of purchase. No one can register a car in the state of Georgia with out a title applied for at the time of registration or a dealer/lien holder applying for a title. Other items you will need are:

  1. Acceptable proof of insurance.
  2. Georgia Driver's License or copy of primary owner's Driver's License with Brooks County address.
From an individual: All vehicles must be registered within 7 days of purchase. Items you will need are:
  1. Title from individual selling vehicle – correctly signed.
  2. Acceptable proof of insurance.
  3. Georgia Driver's License with a Brooks County address.
  4. Current Mileage - unless exempt.

You are required to title all 1986 and newer vehicles prior to registration. All owners need to be present with valid identification and acceptable proof of insurance.

Bonded Title

Click on the link below to download more information about Bonded Titles:

Bonded Title Packet

Rebuilt Inspection Process

Click on the link below to download more information about rebuilt inspection process:

Rebuilt Inspection Process

Transfer From Another State

Click on the link below to download the New Resident checklist:

New Resident Checklist


If you are leasing your car contact your leasing company and request a Limited Power of Attorney for the vehicle to be registered. You will need that original limited power of attorney, acceptable proof of insurance, copy of the title, leasing agreement and a Georgia Driver's License with a Brooks County address.


Taxes on Motor Vehicles are due on the owner’s birth date unless you are under the new TAVT program. Vehicles owned by a business pay tax based on the first letter of the Business name. The annual ad valorem tax is based on the 40% value of the vehicle. Taxes are due on a vehicle, even when the vehicle is not in use.


  • Tag Fee (regular tag) for passenger vehicles and trucks with gross weight up to 14,000 - $20.00
  • Replacement Tag/Sticker Fee - $8.00
  • Title Transfer Fee - $18.00
  • Replacement Title Fee - $8.00
  • Trailers with a gross vehicle weight of less than 2,000 pounds are not required to be titled in Georgia. The previous registration is required. Fee - $12.00
  • Trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 14,000 (Truck and load) fees are based on the weight.